How to learn winchester speed

How to learn winchester speed

The hard drive, the store or simply the winchester — the main storage of the user information. All files are stored in this device. And speed of the computer in general very strongly depends on that, the hard drive, how fast at you. It is possible to learn its speed even if at you did not remain to any documentation on personal computers accessories.

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Start the program for viewing of pages of the Internet. Gather in the address line http://www You will appear on the page of the developer of the free diagnostic utility of HwINFO. The program is issued in versions for 32-and 64-bit systems. If you are not sure, which Windows version at you is established, find the reference to downloading of HwINFO32 which works in all known types of an operating system.

Click on number of assembly of the utility which descriptions of opportunities of the appendix are slightly below. At the moment the latest version is 3.93. Choose the server for loading and a form for the program: it is possible to choose archive or the self-unpacked file. Depending on the speed of your connection, in a minute or ten minutes you will have a file with the utility. Similarly also other tools of this sort, for example, of AIDA64 available to loading to the address http://www work.

Open the folder where the program remained. Find the necessary file with the name Hwinfo … and right-click on it. Select from the menu the Take … item and a razarkhiviruyta in any convenient place. Open the folder of the appendix and start the main file — you distinguish it according to the name and a colourful icon. There will be a window with the Run and Configure buttons. Choose Run option and left-click.

Wait, will not pass primary test of the equipment yet and on the screen there will be no two windows. One of them will be with logos of the producer of the processor and videocard. In it the general information on the computer is output and it can be closed at once the Close button in the bottom right corner. And the second window consists of two half: in the left categories of devices, in right — detailed information on them are listed.

Click a mouse on the category Drives to open the list of all disks of the computer. Press a plus at a subcategory of SATA/ATAPI Drives and you will see the detailed list of devices. The first one after another removes the hard drive, its name consists of a set of letters and figures.

Choose this line as a mouse and in the right part of a window you will see detailed characteristics of the device. Line of a type of Media Rotation Rate: 7200 RPM shows winchester speed. Value can be a miscellaneous, options of stores is issued very much. In the same place also other data on speed of the hard drive are output.