How to call an ice-hockey team

How to call an ice-hockey team

Everything has to have the name. It concerns also a new ice-hockey team. But process of a choice of a name often nonpluses its participants, after all the name has to be beautiful, laconic and capture the essence of hockey club.

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At a name choice for an ice-hockey team be guided by that children's this team or adult, plays professionally or treats amateur category. For each type of teams it is better to select special names which most precisely will suit them. For example, the children's ice-hockey team can be called as "Eaglet", but at the same time for adult such name will not approach any more.


One of ways of selection of the name is connected with that place where the team plays. It can be the name of the city (or other settlement). First, such name of team does at once clear its origin, secondly, it is very remembered. For example, "Kursk", "Tambov" or "Vladivostok" unambiguously speak about that, from where this team. Of course, such name will suit those who plans to leave for matches to other regions more.


The geographical component can be also expressed in the name, of the same name with a certain district of the city – official or informal. Such identification in a place of a registration will suit the teams participating in duels, generally in the city. "Pechatniki", "Philly", etc. can be examples.


Other option – the name of team connected with local natural sights. It can be the rivers, lakes, mountains. Such name of an ice-hockey team will also give it a certain geographical color. "Neva", "Baikal", "Onega", etc. can be examples.


The ice-hockey team can bear a name of one of representatives of fauna. The names connected with birds, predatory animals are quite popular (and thus are beautiful). For example, "Hawk", "Falcon". At the same time it can be added also with a geographical component – "The Amur tigers", "The Siberian martins", etc.


The name for team can be chosen, proceeding from professional activity of her players. For example, the team of metallurgicheskogozavod can be called "Metallurgist" or "Metalworker", employees of railway branch successfully act under the name of "Locomotive".