How to restore the driver's card

How to restore the driver's card

Restoration of the lost driver's card is not the easiest business. But if you after all lost it for any reasons, you should not shelve its restoration. Start as soon as possible actions for its restoration.

It is required to you

- passport;
- the reference with traffic police of the fact to issue of the driver's license and passing of examinations;
- two photos 3,5х4,5;
- medical certificate.

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File a petition in police station if the card was stolen or illegally withdrawn. Then in 10 working days will issue you the resolution. It should be notedIt should be noted at once that quickly to restore the driver's card, in your interests there will be an initiation of legal proceedings against criminals. Surely specify in the statement that it was theft. If you are refused in initiation of proceedings on theft, it significantly will not influence further recovery of the document.

Come to office of traffic police in a place of your registration and take from them the reference that they did not withdraw from you a card and the driver's license. Be surely convinced of the same office that you have at the moment no unpaid penalties.

Take necessary documents in traffic police and safely go to MREO. Pay your attention to existence of the medical certificate and look, whether expired its term. If term left, you will need to replace as soon as possible it new. For the simplified receiving a card of the driver you will need to submit the following documents to MREO: passport; if it is absent, the relevant document which replaces it with registration of the place of residence; the reference from traffic police of the fact of issue of the driver's license and passing of examinations; two photos 3,5х4,5; medical certificate; the resolution on initiation of legal proceedings (in case the card was withdrawn in the illegal way or it is stolen).

Address in a place of delivery of your driver's card and ask for them an extract from archive. If it from you it was not stolen, within several days will issue you its copy. And then with it address to department of traffic police to receive the original or it to exchange. If you are not able for any reasons to receive the copy of a card in archive, you then will need to pass anew examinations in the theory and practice of driving. After their passing you receive a new card of the driver.