How to print the card

How to print the card

Maps become more and more popular element of stylization of an interior, as office room, the head's office, and premises, bedrooms and offices. Besides, cards are extraordinary popular with tourists. In the unfamiliar country, in the unfamiliar city well printed card will help to avoid many troubles, will save time, nerves and money.

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To print the card, be defined, the card is necessary for you for what purposes. Material on which it will be printed, both its scale, and registration also will depend on it.


Choose a way with which you want to print the card. If you need a city schematic map for a short trip, it can be downloaded from the Internet in rather small scale and to unpack on the ordinary home printer.


If you want to have the world map for an office or big office card, you should address to good printing house. Choose printing house, make the order and well explain to manufacturers, which card is necessary to you. For office card choose the high-strength banner fabric steady against corrosion and influence of ultraviolet rays.


If you want to order a map for a nursery, choose the quality large-format printing on photographic paper. Children's cards have to be colourful and saturated.


Besides, some printing houses offer the printing of wall images of satellite maps from the Google servers. Such cards differ in high quality and detail. You choose the scale and the size of the card.

Take an interest, what equipment equipped the printing house chosen by you, look at the catalog of the executed orders. In advance discuss all terms of payment and deliveries of the card.

Qualitatively printed card will be useful and will give you esthetic pleasure.