How to prepare cottage cheese muffins with currant?

How to prepare cottage cheese muffins with currant?
To taste muffins with cottage cheese are very similar to cottage cheese easter Easter cakes, but they prepare much quicker and not so troublesome. As for additives, it is possible to use any berries.

That is required for preparation

400 grams of cottage cheese
250 grams of a flour
Two eggs
150 grams of butter or margarine
Incomplete glass of sugar
Bag of vanilla sugar
Currant (fresh or frozen)
Raisin or dried apricots (not necessarily, it at will)
Icing sugar for topping


Spoon to pound cottage cheese with eggs. On a water bath to kindle butter or margarine, to pour in cottage cheese (oil should not be very hot, cool it to room temperature). Then add sugar and vanilla sugar. Well pound everything and gradually pour a flour. As a result dough has to turn out as very dense sour cream.

Add berries (currant black or red or blackberry, it is possible to put the steamed-out raisin or slices of dried apricots), carefully mix. If add the frozen berries, they need to be defrozen previously, to merge juice.

Spread out dough in formochka for muffins, filling them on 2/3 from volume. Bake at a temperature of 180 degrees of 20-25 minutes. Bon appetit!