How to prepare curry sauce

How to prepare curry sauce
How to prepare curry sauce

Fragrant sauce of a curry impacts original relish and bright color to many dishes at the expense of mix of pounded dried spices. Especially the curry approaches mutton, chicken meat and rice. It can be prepared quickly and tasty.

The preparation time is required 21 minutes to you 1 onion 1-2 zubk of garlic of 3-4 tablespoons of vegetable oil 1 tablespoon of a flour a glass of meat broth of 2 tablespoons of powder of a curry 1 apple of h. spoon of lemon juice of h. a spoon of prepared mustard of 2 tablespoons of cream the Sponsor of placement P&G Articles on the subject "How to Prepare Curry Sauce" How to prepare a stake from a salmon How to prepare forcemeat balls How to make gravy



To clear one bulb and 1-2 zubk of garlic. Small to cut them and to put to fry in 3-4 spoons of vegetable oil.


When onions become golden color, slowly to pour 1 tablespoon of a flour into it and to continue to fry 2 more minutes, constantly stirring slowly with a wooden shovel.


To remove a curry sauce from a plate. To pour in a glass of meat broth and carefully to mix that there were no lumps. Then to add curry powder in number of two tablespoons and again to mix.


The pan with sauce again is put on a plate, brought to boiling and cooked on slow fire of 5 minutes.


During this time peel the washed-up apple, rub on a small grater and add to the boiling sauce.


To squeeze out from a lemon juice and one teaspoon to pour in almost ready sauce, to put in sauce for sharpness of taste one teaspoon of prepared mustard.


And, finally, sauce of a curry is filled with two tablespoons of cream. Then he is ready and can move on a table hot.