What it is possible to prepare with a fern?

What it is possible to prepare with a fern?
I not often pay the attention to exotic products, but here a fern could not avoid. However, I use it only for preparation of Russian cabbage soup so far. But has to tell you that Russian cabbage soup turns out excellent.

Russian cabbage soup with a fern

For 4-6 portions it will be necessary for you:

Beef – 200-300 g
Fern (the Korean snack) – 200-250 g
White cabbage (it is thin chopped) – 300-400 g
Onion – 1-2 bulbs
Garlic – 3-4 segments
The greens of fennel and parsley which are (small cut) – 3-4 tbsps.
Salt, pepper – to taste
Vegetable oil – for frying
Sour cream – for gas station
Water – 1,5-1,8 l

Way of preparation:

Wash out beef and fill in it with water. Put to cook meat, constantly removing the film which is formed on a surface.

When meat cooks and broth will be ready, get beef, and on its place put cabbage.

So far the cabbage cooks, a spassiruyta in well warmed oil small cut onions and when it becomes transparent, add to it a fern and fry-extinguish them together.

When the cabbage almost cooks, i.e. will become softer and translucent, add to it a fern and onions. Let everything will boil minutes 7-10, and then return to soup meat, but already cut on smaller slices.

Boil soup of minutes 10. Salt, pepper, and in about 5 minutes season Russian cabbage soup with the garlic grated on a small grater. Bring soup to boiling and right there switch off fire.

Let's freshly cooked Russian cabbage soup be drawn minutes 20, and then give on a table, surely having seasoned them with sour cream and fresh greens.

Bon appetit!