How to touch the carburetor

How to touch the carburetor

The engine of the car cannot function without fuel supply, is more exact without qualitatively prepared fuel and air mix. The carburetor in which due to hashing of parts of air and gasoline it also is created is for this purpose used. Many motorists at whom carburetor engines, often face problems of a contamination or breakages of this device. Repair it does not represent special complexity and is reduced usually to replacement of the damaged jets or laying.

It is required to you

- screw-driver;
- passatizh;
- keys on 10 and 13 mm

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Remove the carburetor. Its design developed for cars of family VAZ provides to the engine fuel mix and gives the chance to replace some details. Besides, the carburetor can be adjusted and without removal from the car. Remove the carburetor only at its replacement, washing or replacement of its separate elements. For this purpose no special tools are necessary – rozhkovy keys of 13 and 10 mm, passatizh and a screw-driver.


Remove the air cleaner then disconnect the drive of the starting arrangement, for this purpose weaken the screw of fastening of a cable of the drive of the air gate to the lever, and the screw of fastening of a braid of a cable to an arm. Pull out it with a cable from openings and clean aside. Disconnect the drive of a butterfly valve, for this purpose remove the plastic hinge from a spherical finger which is located on the lever of the drive of a butterfly valve of the I-st chamber of the carburetor. Remove a fuel-supply line and a branch pipe of ventilation of a case. Disconnect the carburetor from a flange of an exhaust collector, having turned off four nuts of the case.


Clear a workplace of dust and dirt, make good lighting where will disassemble the carburetor. Uncover a float-operated chamber. It fastens on the case 5 screws. Separate telescopic draft and the lever of the air gate, for this purpose slightly raise a core of the first up and bring out of a groove. Watch laying thus. After removal of a cover of the case, access to air and fuel jets, and also a float-operated chamber for their cleaning, a purge and replacement will open.


Replace a fuel jet, the needle valve, a float, sealing laying on uncovered. From below the case of butterfly valves joins the carburetor case through combined heat-insulating laying two screws. Disassembling the carburetor be careful: heat-resistant laying, which thickness of 3 mm, from two parties is condensed with thin cardboard laying. At not the accurate address with them they can easily become useless.