How to call children's group

How to call children's group

Usually it is pleasant to children when the group, teams or a mug has a name. With the name "Sun" or "Teremok" it is more pleasant to be in group, than in group with usual number. Besides, for group with the beautiful name it is possible to think up a beautiful emblem, and for anonymous collective much more difficult to make it, and all the same it is necessary to think out some symbols.

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Names for groups of kindergarten usually are thought out by adults. In this case names of fairy tales, names of heroes of animated films very much approach. The main thing that they suited both girls, and boys. "Cheburashka" or "Kolobok" quite will suit all, and here "Little Red Riding Hood" - not really though for the name of all kindergarten it is possible to take also it. Are suitable for kids and the name of flowers. Thus it is better to take flowers familiar to children which names do not bear in themselves additional semantic loadings.


If you decided to think up the name for group of children of more advanced age, surely consider their opinion. It is possible to arrange the general brain storm. Let everyone will offer the version of the name and will give it justification.


The first, on what it is necessary to pay attention — than the group is engaged. The name of a team has to differ from the name of a circle of a soft toy. The team if it does not belong to the sports organization with own name, can be called in a place of its arrangement. The name of the area where there is a training base, in this case quite appropriate.

Also names of animals will approach. The main thing that they did not repeat the already available. A track-and-field team it would be possible to call "Kangaroo" if there were no international mathematical Olympic Games with such name. Therefore choose other small animal, not less dexterous and jumping.


For the name of a circle where children are engaged in some one kind of activity, it is possible to choose something characteristic for this direction. Names of theatrical characters will be suitable for a theatrical circle; the names connected with history of your places — for club of historians or local historians; musical terms — for a musical circle. The main thing that all children knew them, could explain that this such and why the studio or a circle so is called.


Think and on a subject, what qualities develop at children of occupation in this group. The name "Grace" quite appropriate for gymnastic section, "Intelligence" - for a circle of technical creativity. It is necessary to reflect on how you represent grace or intelligence on an emblem. If any ideas arise to a descent — means, everything is all right, and such name is pertinent.