How to establish wi-fi router

How to establish wi-fi router

If you the happy owner of the laptop or netbook, and you decided to carry out to yourself to the apartment the Internet, it is most reasonable to use wireless technologies. In this case you will be required to get Wi-Fi a router (router).

It is required to you

Wi-Fi router, network cable.

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To begin process of installation of own wireless network with a choice of the suitable equipment. The matter is that not all routers are capable to work as Wi-fi with any types of laptops or wireless adapters steadily.


Study parameters of your laptop. Define types of enciphering of data and a radio signal with which its adapter of a wireless network works. Get Wi-Fi a router with such characteristics. Surely specify range of a signal transmission of this device.


Connect a cable of connection with the Internet to a router. For this purpose in the device there is a special port WAN (Internet). Connect a router to the laptop or the computer by means of a network cable. Use for this purpose Ethernet (LAN) port.


Open settings of a router. For this purpose start the browser and enter the device IP address into its address line. Most likely, you will need to register the address of the full page, for example


Find the Internet Setup menu (Control of a network) and open it. Parameters which require to be set creation of connection with the server, specify at technical support specialists of your provider. Keep settings.


Pass into the Wireless Setup menu (Wireless network setup). This menu is adjusted equally for any provider. Think up and enter a name of your point of access. Establish on it the password. Pay attention to the Radio Signal Type and Safety Type points. Choose those parameters with which your laptop is capable to work (or laptops).


Keep settings. Surely reboot Wi-Fi a router. Be convinced that indicators of network connection and a wireless point of access burn. Disconnect a laptop cable from the device and be connected to your new by network Wi-Fi.