How to return the old password

How to return the old password

There are situations when it is necessary to use old e-mail or an account on a social network, a forum, online store. In most cases we face a problem of input of the password. If you use the same system code everywhere, problems will not arise and if forgot it, it is worth doing a number of consecutive actions.

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If at registration the code word was specified, you remember it, it much more facilitates a task. On the majority of resources there is a reference about a password reminder. Having passed on it, the system will request the code word if it is entered correctly, to you will suggest to enter the new password and opportunity to log in to the account.


If do not remember the answer to a confidential question, you should address in a support service. On many sites there is a form of the appeal to administration of a resource, or contacts for feedback with the indication of e-mail. Usually these contacts are in the bottom of the Internet page.


When filling the address to owners of a resource, it is necessary to specify your login for login and data which filled at the address. Treat that: Full name, year of birth, city of residence and address. If you consider it necessary to report additional data, for example, to what letters responded, with what friends communicated most often, it awaking not superfluous. Some resources demand additional information, namely the copy of pages of the passport or other document.


Specify ways of communication with you: e-mail address, phone number. If experts have additional questions, they will communicate on those contacts that you specified the letter.


Process of consideration of the demand demands certain time. In various companies it can reach 72 hours and more. If support services do not arise doubts that you are owners of this login, the reference to indications of the new password will come in reciprocal the message or the letter.