How to reserve hotel on the Internet

How to reserve hotel on the Internet

If you go to foreign business trip or it is simple on rest, it is necessary to think of booking of a hotel room beforehand. The best assistant in such business - the Internet.

It is required to you

Internet access, credit card

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There are some specialized sites offering similar service, but the most reliable and convenient of them - The database of this site contains data more than hundred fifty thousand hotels located worldwide.


Having entered on the site, we choose Russian and currency of that country where you are going to go. It is necessary to enter the country and the city which you want to visit, dates of arrival and departure, and also a number of people who will live in a hotel room into the yellow window located at the left.


After that pressing the Search button, the site will issue you the list of all hotels where for time specified by you there will be vacant rooms. You will be able to sort the found hotels by a set of criteria: at the cost, location, a rating of visitors, quantity of empty seats, on "stardom", type of hotel and the services rendered to her. You will also be able to look at the most popular hotels, and to read responses of those who had rooms there.


Having chosen the pleasant hotel, attentively read conditions of booking and information on that, payment from what credit cards is accepted by hotel. The European hotels usually work with cards of VISA system, American - with "MasterCard".


Payment will be the last step reserving hotel on the Internet. It is necessary to enter number of your plastic card in the appeared field.


After you reserve hotel, to you the letter where it will be specified will come to e-mail how to refuse booking. Also it will contain the location map, the list of all services rendered by hotel and its schedule.