How to issue accounting

How to issue accounting

You decided to open the business, for example, computer salon or beauty shop, and now you need to make accounting of services. If it is competently made, you will be able to establish the adequate prices, and also it is correct to issue all documentation.

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Calculate at first costs of materials. This item of expenditure the most obvious, but not the simplest. Are considered as direct salaries (gasoline for the company which is engaged in a cargo transportation, racks for shop or a supermarket, a hair-dye and other means for a hairdressing salon and so on), and indirect (checkup and repair of working cars, spare parts for the printer and other equipment for a photographic studio and other).

Having bought necessary equipment – printers and computers, machines for a hairstyle of hair, the car, vacuum cleaners, etc. – be engaged in calculation of depreciation charges. For this purpose precisely or at least approximately learn service life of this or that product then divide its cost for a while for which it will pay for itself. There are also other ways of calculation of depreciation, everything depends on features specifically of your work.

To calculation also general and additional salary is subject to workers taking into account various deductions and awards, and also other assignments where assignments on insurance upon accidents and social insurance join.

(Depreciation charges, expenses on materials, a salary and assignments on insurance) put the sums received by you, and then from this sum take 20%. You receive as a result general production expenses of your enterprise.

In turn, take 50% of the sum received by you for general economy works. Having put the received sums, you learn full prime cost.

Having added a half more to prime cost, receive planned accumulation. As a result you will come to wholesale price. If to increase it by one and a half times, retail price will turn out. And, of course, do not forget about value added tax (VAT).

Consider that all expenses were calculated by you for a certain number of constantly provided services for some time interval. For obtaining the price for one-time service total amount needs to be divided into estimated number of similar services for a settlement time interval.