How to establish opera mini on samsung

How to establish opera mini on samsung

Opera Mini represents the fast and compact WEB BROWSER which provides Internet access from the mobile phone. By means of this browser you get access to the WEB SITES, e-mail, and other entertainments.

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If you want to establish the opera - pass on Samsung, for a start be convinced that phone has the browser which provides Internet access. Phones are connected to a network thanks to special points of access. Practically each modern phone is on sale with already adjusted access point, so, problems with installation of the opera - pass should not be. Phone also has to have the activated wap and support of Java.


Take phone and in an address line of the browser gather "".


See a window in which you will be able to see the model of phone or its analog? According to the model or its analog you will download Java Opera mini midlet.

Consider that downloading of the program from the official site means that the browser will be in English though now there is also a set of the translations into our native language.


Further you simply follow instructions which will appear on your display, and install the browser. After completion of process of installation by means of the menu of your Samsung start the program. That's all, as you can see, everything is rather simple!