How to open tent in Moscow

How to open tent in Moscow

Opening of tent in Moscow is the successful type of small business which is not demanding special investments. Lack of need for the large starting capital and the flow of clients provided almost in all cases does this business attractive.

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Under the law business needs to be registered. Therefore for opening of tent you will need to be registered as the individual entrepreneur. It can be made in the tax inspection in a registration place. The state tax for registration makes 800 rubles.


Further you will need to get necessary permissions. They depend on that you will sell. There is a list of kinds of activity, to be engaged with which it is possible only after obtaining the license (for example if you are going to sell drugs, you need the corresponding license). Anyway you will need to observe requirements of fire safety, and also sanitary requirements.


The tent can be bought or leased. If you bought it, you will also need to rent the earth under it. It means quite long process of interaction with the Moscow authorities therefore it is more favorable to rent tent on a certain site. It is important that the tent stood in a brisk place that the flow of clients did not run low. As a rule, in Moscow there are a lot of brisk places - stops, metro stations. But remember that such places often are already occupied by competitors.


Purchase of goods of problems will not bring. It is enough to decide that you want to sell, and to find suppliers. Further some goods which will be badly on sale, you will cease to buy, but will start buying others - that are on sale quickly.


Two sellers working in shifts will be necessary for you for one tent. To sellers for tents requirements are not imposed usually, after all it is not obligatory to be able to sell, attract clients here. Therefore it is possible to stop on the sellers without experience who are not demanding a high salary (in Moscow - to 15000 rubles).