How to construct a holiday apartment

How to construct a holiday apartment

The small garden lodge is dream of many owners of country sites. To construct a cozy summer lodge quite perhaps independently, for some days off.

It is required to you

- electric drill;
- hand circular saw;
- hammer;
- boards;
- laths;
- ruler;
- bar;
- corner;
- door block;
- window block;
- razmetochny cord;
- screws;
- structure against rotting;
- nails;
- steel screws;
- construction level;
- plumb;
- fret saw;
- plane;
- roofing felt;
- bituminous tile

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Process all wooden materials special structure against rotting.

Make the base. As the base for an easy summer lodge it is possible to use sidewalk plates.

Make a framework for walls. For this purpose it is necessary to lay boards on the base and to connect them by means of screws. Make bindings in a front wall of the house for window and doorways.

Sheathe a framework. For this purpose it is necessary to connect boards in the tongue and a crest, to lay them from the lower party of a frame aflush and to beat by means of nails.

Attach logs to base plates. Logs need to be established 50 cm with a step. Lay floor boards from boards.

Establish a wall vertically carefully check its situation by means of a plumb and construction level. Attach it to a floor by means of steel screws, having them with a step of 40 cm. Mount other walls by analogy.

Install the window block and a door box. Process a fret saw window openings and carefully grind their edges. Sheathe slopes laths. Beat facing boards to slopes.

Establish rafters. Make a marking by means of a cord and saw off logs on 9 cm at back, and on 15 cm at the forward end. It will provide to your roof the inclination necessary for a water drain. Spread out rafters over walls at distance of 60 cm from each other. Plan installation sites on the top edge of a wall and attach rafters from below to a frame at an angle of 90 degrees by means of screws.

Attach a roof covering to rafters. For this purpose use rabbeted boards, having them as it is possible more densely to each other. Beat roofing felt, stacking it with an overlap. Lay a bituminous tile.
Your summer lodge is ready.