How to adjust a network between the modem and the computer

How to adjust a network between the modem and the computer

For connection of the DSL Internet it is necessary to get and adjust the corresponding modem. Some models of these devices allow to unite some computers in a uniform network, providing them Internet access.

It is required to you

- network cable.

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Choose the DSL modem with the necessary number of Ethernet channels and connect it to the alternating current main. Connect a cable of the telephone line to DSL port, using for this purpose a splitter. Do not recommend to carry out direct connection because it will reduce the speed of Internet access. Execute connection of the DSL modem with the computer. Use for this purpose a network cable which different ends connect to the network interface card of the computer and Ethernet-port of the modem.

Turn on both devices and wait for their loading. Start the web browser and enter the DSL modem IP address. Press the Enter key, wait for loading of the interface of settings of the modem. Open the WAN menu. Perform tuning of parameters of operation of the network device.

Enter the user name and the password issued to you by provider. Fill the field MTU with the demanded value. Enter an access point if it is required. Surely include the DHCP and NAT functions. It will facilitate setup of network adapters of computers.

Press the Apply button to keep parameters of operation of the DSL modem. Reboot the network equipment. Sometimes for this purpose it will be required to disconnect the modem for some seconds from the alternating current main. Wait for a full load of the DSL modem. Repeat an entrance to the menu of its settings. Open the Status point and check activity of connection with the Internet.

Try to open any web page for check of Internet access. If the modem has no possibility of use of the DHCP function, open the list of network connections on the computer. Pass to properties of the TCP/IP protocol of the network adapter which is connected to the modem.

Enter any static IP address. Fill the fields "Main Lock" and "Preferred DSN Server", having entered into them the internal IP address of the DSL modem. Keep parameters of the network interface card and wait for updating of a network.