How to stop growth of hair

How to stop growth of hair

Undesirable body and person hair can bring a lot of trouble them upon the owner. Especially heavy it is necessary girls and women in a hot season when there is a wish to go with barehanded and feet, and the season of bathing suits begins. Daily means, such as shaving, help to solve a problem only for a short time, and then growth of hair is again restored. It is not surprising that most of representatives of a fine half of mankind are anxious with searches of means which will relieve them of the bothered "woolliness".

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The laser epilation will help to stop growth of hair forever. Its essence is that the bunch of laser beams influences a hair bulb, forcing it to collapse. And the best result at such procedure is reached on a thick and dark hair. However, for one session to get rid of undesirable hair it will not turn out, it will be necessary to repeat procedure approximately once a month for half a year (the exact term depends on a susceptibility of your hair to the laser). Besides, renewal of growth of hair in some years after a laser epilation is possible.


Electroepilation – one more method for a stop of growth of undesirable hair on a body and a face. The current which is entered hypodermically by means of thin needles, destroys a hair bulb. This procedure hurts much, besides it badly acts on at whom hair rough and rigid. The electroepilation, as a rule, stretches on some hours-long sessions. One more minus – the high cost of this method.


If for some reason you do not take away hair by means of an electro and laser epilation, try a photoepilation. It is almost painless and suits according to indications to owners both light, and dark, both thin, and rough hairs. Hair bulbs are cleaned by means of energy of light, and pigmentary spots and even vascular asterisks in parallel disappear. That growth of hair stopped, it will be necessary to undergo some procedures of a photoepilation with a difference in two weeks.


It is possible to stop growth of undesirable hair for some time, having used special creams depilators. This procedure can be done and it is independent in house conditions, simply buy cream or gel for depilation and follow instructions on packing. To prolong effect from cream, after depilation use special means which slow down growth of hair. It can be cream, gel or a deodorant, they are on sale in drugstores and shops of cosmetics and perfumery. It is necessary to use them daily, after a bathtub or a shower.


Wax or sugar depilation (shugaring) can also stop growth of hair for some time. Duration will depend on type of your hairs and on quality of the made procedure. Therefore it is better to carry out its not houses, and in specialized salon, at professionals. On certain sites of a body (such as line of bikini) wax depilation is quite painful. However it gives effect on average for a month and if constantly to use the creams which are slowing down growth of hair, more long.