How to make the Indonesian wrapping?

How to make the Indonesian wrapping?
This wrapping will help to return somewhat quicker to a former form to recently given rise mummies. Other women can also use the recipe in order that the tummy became beautiful.

Indonesians traditionally applied a wrapping with spices to postnatal restoration. Female elders collect all necessary components, and in 10 days after date of childbirth apply mix on a stomach of young mummy and wind with strips from fabric. The similar wrapping reduces a fatty layer, clears an organism and tightens skin.

For preparation of a wrapping the following spices are necessary: carnation, ginger, turmeric, fennel, cinnamon. As you can see – anything exotic, all spices can be bought in a supermarket or in the market.

One of options of the Indonesian wrapping:

Wrapping with olive oil (50 milliliters). Other components: a stick of cinnamon, long 6 centimeters, on one tables. spoons of fennel, ground turmeric and a carnation + a ginger slice, of the size of 2 matchboxes.


In the coffee grinder we crush fennel, cinnamon and a carnation. A ginger root we rub on a small grater and we squeeze out juice. We pour in a bowl olivk. oil, we add a turmeric, fennel, cinnamon, a carnation, ginger juice and it is carefully mixed.

We rub this mix in a stomach, we turn around in a film, we pull woolen trousers and we lay down under a blanket. In 60 min. it is taken a warm shower.

After a shower it is possible to smear a body with anti-cellulite gel or cream.

Attention! This wrapping is warming, at a varicosity it cannot be applied.