How to grow up a melissa

How to grow up a melissa

The melissa is known from an extreme antiquity, meets in many countries of Europe and America. Its leaves and young escapes contain ascorbic acid, tannins and essential oil which gives to a plant pleasant lemon aroma. In traditional medicine long since infusions of a melissa apply as a sedative at sleeplessness, neuralgia, an otdyshka, asthma, as sudorific and a depletive, at female diseases.

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For cultivation of a melissa choose the places which are well protected from a wind, not low, differently the plant will badly winter. Pave the way in the fall, dig over and bring on half-buckets of compost or humus on square meter of a cultivated area. If the soil heavy and clay, add half-buckets of sand and a bucket of peat besides at the rate on square meter.


The melissa is made multiple copies crops of seeds directly in soil, through seedling and vegetativno (division of a bush and rhizomes). For cultivation of seedling cover the container with seeds with a film and put in a warm place. As soon as there are first real leaves, shoots it is necessary to dive.


Plant a melissa in soil last decade of May when passes danger of frosts. Before landing dig up the soil, porykhlit and level a site surface. Plant plants at distance of 30-40 cm from each other.


Further carry out timely care of bushes of a melissa is a loosening, weeding, watering. Stalks can be cut off when buds were created. Collected plants need to be dried up far from a sunlight. Store collecting a melissa in paper packages in a dry place. It is also possible to prepare its seeds, they keep viability of 2-3 years. Wait when they get black color, cut off and dry up stalks, then thresh them and collect seeds.