What is the alternative signs

What is the alternative signs

Alternative sign — the concept taken from the section of genetics or, generally telling, – biology, the famous Austrian scientist Gregor Johann Mendel entered it.

The sponsor of placement P&G Articles on the subject "What Is the Alternative Signs" That such the scientific chromosomal theory of heredity That such the geneticist Kak to solve problems of biology the Main contribution to development of science of Gregor Mendel is the theory of heredity. It it divided signs on prepotent and recessive (what suppress, and what are suppressed). And as a reference point for Mendel alternative signs, that is what had at peas grades (on the basis of the experiments made over peas crossing he constructed the theories) two options served that accurately differed. An alternative sign experimental peas had smooth or wrinkled seeds, a white or pink flower, high or low plants.

Thus, alternative signs are qualitative signs which cannot be present at one concrete organism at the same time, they exclude presence of each other. The alternative sign accepts only two values: 1 — existence of a sign; 0 — lack of a sign.

It was the conscious choice from the researcher Mendel. Being based only on alternative signs, it narrowed research problems, and it allowed to define the general laws of inheritance. More than seven years Mendel made the experiments and only in 1965 dared to submit the manuscripts under the name "Experiences over Vegetable Hybrids" to Society of scientists. In them he formulated the principles of transfer of hereditary signs from parental organisms to their descendants. These principles became basis for classical genetics. But, as well as many research works, this too was doomed for many years oblivion and misunderstanding, and only later was for many years recognized as contemporaries.

Today the concept an alternative sign can have also other application. For example, the goods can be rejected or meet standards, the individual can be either man's, or a female, the population of the state shares on rural and city.