The best ski resorts of Italy

The best ski resorts of Italy

Mountain skiing in Italy becomes more popular with the Russian snouborder and mountain skiers. Similar winter rest is one of the most interesting and fascinating ways of pastime.

The sponsor of placement P&G Articles on the subject "The Best Ski Resorts of Italy" How to choose a ski resort How to get to Turkey What is ski resorts in Russia For the Italian ski resorts a variety of mountain routes, fascinating landscapes and interesting neighboring small villages, the friendly and cheerful personnel, and also rather low prices are characteristic. In addition, easily we combine winter alpine skiing rest in Italy with the most interesting excursions, good favorable shopping, and, at desire, and with improvement on thermal sources (for example, in the resort of Bormio).

The ski resorts which are settling down in northeast part of Italy and carrying the name the Dolomites - are amazingly beautiful. Perhaps, they even the most beautiful mountains of the world. Dolomite settles down in the field of the Southern Tyrol which borders on Austria.

As unique feature of the Dolomites "circumnavigation" of the Sell Rhonda - an exclusive circular route which allows to go round the well-known massif on routes of four resorts in only one day acts. The most popular regions of driving in Dolomite - Wal Gardena, Wal di Fassa, Cortina d'Ampezzo, Wal di Fyemme, and Badiya's Alto.

The northwest part of Italy is presented by two big mountain regions — Piedmont and Wal D'Aosta. The best-known resort of Piedmont is Sestriyere. Its routes served as the alpine skiing arena when carrying out the Winter Olympic Games in Turin passing in 2006. This region is especially recommended to fans of high-speed alpine skiing driving.

Wal D'Aosta is well-known for a mountain ski resort of Cherviniya which is distinguished by existence of a glacier and the guaranteed snow cover. In addition, ski slopes of Cherviniya and the well-known Swiss resort of Tsermatt unite elevators and a uniform ski pass (subscription).

Courmayeur – the small town which is surrounded with dense coniferous forests, being thus a luxurious ski resort of Italy. He offers fine opportunities for professional driving. Thanks to its close arrangement to a tunnel near Mont Blanc, everyone can ride not only the Italian slopes, but also in the French Shamoni.

Trips to Italy are bright, unique, memorable impressions for all people wishing to have a rest actively.