As it is necessary to clean ears

As it is necessary to clean ears

Since the childhood parents accustom children to follow rules of personal hygiene. All parts of a body have to be pure and tidy, and for this purpose it is necessary to wash, brush daily teeth, to brush the hair and wash ears. However if the first hygienic procedures are clear and simple, the last – cleaning of ears – demands special approach, differently can do much harm the hearing aid and health in general.

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Do not follow advice about frequent and deep cleaning of ears. Daily they are not required to be washed. If ears are healthy, in acoustical passes there will be naturally a process of self-cleaning during usual actions of the person: at conversation, cough, chewing, a zevaniye, etc. It is connected with the movements of a temporal and mandibular joint as it settles down in close proximity to a forward wall of external acoustical pass.

It is necessary to clear only an auricle, without concerning, and especially, without getting directly into acoustical pass. External acoustical pass represents webby and cartilaginous department which is located closer to an exit, and bone – is deeper in an auricle, is close to an eardrum. Skin of webby and cartilaginous department just also contains sebaceous and sulfuric glands, on it hair can grow. Thus the sulfur developed in this department protects skin and acoustical pass from an inflammation and damages.

Sulfur – natural secretion of an organism, it not dirt. She does not demand careful washing away. If you clean zealously and often it, the transition place between departments of ears representing a narrow isthmus will collect sulfuric masses, there will be their pushing through for an isthmus, directly to an eardrum. Such diligent "cleaning" will lead only to pressing of sulfur and formation of sulfuric traffic jams for which removal it is necessary to address to doctors.

It is enough to wash time in 2-3 days ears outside and inside by means of water and soap. Implant a forefinger (without nail) in an ear, slowly turn it, move here and there with soft pressing. Wipe an ear opening dry a towel.

That process of natural self-cleaning of internal departments of auricles went more actively, do massage of ears at least once in a week. For this purpose pull for auricles, move them up-down, back and forth, rotate trestles of ears at first in one, then in other party, do the same with auricles.

The low-concentrated is recommended to apply hydrogen peroxide solution to soft, but active cleaning of ears. For its preparation in a teaspoon with water pour in 1-2 drops of 3% peroxide of hydrogen. By means of a pipette dig on 2 drops in each ear. Press hands auricles for 5-10 seconds. Wash out ears. It is possible to carry out such cleaning not more often than 2-3 times a month.