How to increase a jump

How to increase a jump

Some groups of muscles participate in a jump of the person. Work is started by back muscles anew, then femoral and gastrocnemius muscles are connected. These groups of muscles athletes in which achievements, the main role is played by high jumps train.

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Before carrying out a set of exercises for muscles, it is necessary to warm and warm up them carefully. It will help to avoid injuries during training. Begin warm-up with jogging. If you are engaged in the small room, usual run can be replaced with running on the spot or rope jumping. Five minutes will be quite enough. After a warming up it is possible to start an extension. Pull muscles, sinews, warm up joints.


Then start training of an upper body. Carry out push-ups on 4 approaches. They give load of muscles of a breast and a triceps. After push-ups pass to pullings up. They load a back and bicepses. Your purpose – to finish number of push-ups to 60, and pullings up to 30.


Further pass to exercises for muscles of hips. It is the main group of muscles which is responsible for push force during a jump.
Do semi-knee-bends. Watch that your hips during knee-bend were parallel to a floor. For this exercise 4 approaches on 10 times there are enough. Do not squat too deeply, in order to avoid injuries of knee joints. If you squat with weighting compounds, use elastic bandage for knees.


When semi-knee-bends begin you to come rather easily, can pass to exercises "Step-apy" and "Frog". The first exercise is carried out as follows: put one foot on an eminence, make a start another and in a jump change a supporting leg. Alternate feet. Exercise "Frog" represents jumps from the provision of a full squat in length.


The last group of muscles which is responsible for jump force are gastrocnemius muscles. For their development do rises on socks with weighting compounds. Having risen on a small eminence so that heels did not concern a floor, rise in turn on each foot.
Jumps on one foot give also good effect. Starting with small, gradually finish quantity of jumps to 100. Consider that during this exercise your joints receive serious loading.