How to buy the land under construction

How to buy the land under construction

Construction of a country house begins with acquisition of a ground. However, there are buyers who do not look for easy ways and buy the land with legal "troubles", charging themselves all connected with it problems. If you decided to buy the land, before you there is a hard choice.

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First of all attentively study all documents on a site, estimated for purchase. The seller is obliged to have the certificate on the state registration of the right. It is specified in this document, what rights the owner of a site has: property right, right of unlimited use, right of rent, etc. Also purpose of the earth and as it is possible to use it is specified in documents. The type of appointment and the sizes of the land bought by you can affect in the future the amount of construction of a house. The most widespread view of the sold land are sites of settlements with the permission under individual private building.


Surely talk to neighbors in a site. Specify, whether there are no claims to borders of your area for them. If those are available, surely find out history of division of sites in land committee. If the earth belongs to garden association, find out from the chairman, whether is not present at this site of debt on member and other target payments.


Choose the earth located in the territory with the developed infrastructure: schools, shops, kindergartens and platforms. On a site look that the main communications – electricity and light were brought. Can choose, of course, option without communications, but then surely specify about possibility of their leading. Be in that case adjusted what to bring light to a site, water and electricity it will turn out not at once.


Do not buy the land which is located in a clean floor or the wild wood. If the seller of the land plot is in marriage, surely demand a consent of the second party to the transaction. that document has to be notarized. Here the small moments to which surely pay attention at a choice of a ground and then your construction will be a pleasant event in your family.