What to do that hair did not split?

What to do that hair did not split?
Unfortunately, the problem of the splitting hair remains to one of the most essential women for overwhelming quantity. There is a lot of reasons for that. Here and frequent experiments with a hairdress with use of various chemical means (paints, gels, varnishes, etc.) and electric devices (curling irons, hair dryers, irons). And shortage of necessary vitamins, can serve as the reason for that the next diet. Generally, there is a lot of reasons, and as a result – faded, lifeless straw, instead of a brilliant head of hear of which we do not cease to dream.

What to do? How to return youth and life to hair?

First, from what you should not run – visit of the hairdresser. Do not hesitate to shear the splitting hair. Understand, such tips cannot already be stuck together that you were not promised in advertizing by dazzling top models. The only way to get rid of such tips – a hairstyle. Also be not frightened that length of your hair will decrease by 5 cm. But the remained ringlets will have a beautiful, well-groomed appearance. Besides there are many surprising means which will help you to accelerate growth of hair, and along with it will take care of strengthening and revitalizing your shock.

But, it is impossible to be limited to one campaign in a hairdressing salon. It is necessary to provide to hair all necessary, for normal existence. Let's begin with a hairbrush. If it at you metal or plastic, I congratulate … your hairdresser. Why? Yes because in your person it got a reliable source of the income. Remember, metal and plastic hairbrushes are very harmful to hair. Replace these fossil subjects of care of hair with more modern and safe brushes from natural materials. For at whom long hair perfectly will approach massage brushes from a boar bristle, by the way such massazhka looks after matchless hair of Cindi Crawford. Owners of stylish short hairstyles quite will suit hairbrushes from a tree.

The following that to you surely will help to prevent emergence of the splitting ends – food. I will at once notice that I mean food of hair. Apply every week on hair warm burdock, olive, or even sunflower oil, and you will forget that such split ends. Such procedure usually takes a lot of time therefore it is best of all to carry out it in days, free from serious affairs.

By the way about food. Hair fed, and themselves did not forget? For maintenance of health of hair it is simply vital to feed on food with the rich content of vitamins of group B, E, A. If for any reason you cannot provide yourself with day norm of these useful substances, buy special vitamin complexes. Now the big set and to you will be from what to choose them.

One more rule which should be observed – it is impossible to comb wet hair. Injuries which receive our hair during this execution, on another I cannot call it, are comparable to natural cataclysms. A difference only that this cataclysm occurred on your head. But consequences from it will be felt still very long. Therefore before undertaking even if and for a wooden hairbrush, at first dry hair, and it is desirable naturally.

In spite of the fact that the answer turned out rather big, in practice you should not do much. Time to come into a hairdressing salon, two – into a drugstore, three – into shop behind a new hairbrush. That's all, and other business – usual routine which will not change your life in any way. Though about what it I, will change, and still as! After all your hair will become a subject of admiration of people around soon. Then one more rule – learn to accept compliments. It is sure, it is required to you soon.

Be beautiful!