How to bake carrot pies?

How to bake carrot pies?
Earlier carrot pies were cooked in the most different variations, and they even were considered as a dessert. But then somehow dropped out of a field of vision, probably modern hostesses considered that a lot of time for preparation of a stuffing is required and not in each family will eat carrot. Actually the stuffing prepares not more long than any other, and it is possible to do it with different additives – for example, with dried fruits or with egg.

Necessary products for dough

One egg
200 grams are swept away
100 grams of margarine
Five tablespoons of sugar
Salt half-teaspoon
Soda half-teaspoon (to extinguish vinegar)
400 – 500 grams of a flour
Greasing requires one egg and a teaspoon of vegetable oil

For a stuffing

750 grams of carrot
200 grams of sugar
Two – three tablespoons are swept away
70 grams of butter
Salt pinch


To sift a flour. To cut in it margarine slices, to pound in a crumb, to add sour cream, egg, salt and sugar, extinguished soda and to knead dough. It has to turn out not really dense. To put in a pan, to cover with a towel and to allow to stand about an hour in a warm place.

To prepare a stuffing. To boil carrot on couple, to cool, clear and rub on a large grater. In a frying pan to kindle butter, to lay out carrot and to extinguish 5 – 10 minutes. To put salt and sugar, sour cream, to mix and extinguish even minutes five. To remove from fire and to cool.

From dough to roll layer, with thickness in half-centimeter. A glass to cut out circles, to spread out to them a stuffing and to create pies. A baking sheet to oil or lay paper for pastries, to lay out pies. To oil top the egg mixed with the vegetable. To bake pies of 15 - 20 minutes at a temperature of 200 degrees.