As it is necessary to rescue the drowning

As it is necessary to rescue the drowning

Rest on water – quite dangerous action, thousands of people sink every year. Life and health of the person depend on attentiveness and care of the swimmer and vacationers nearby. Often only your help is for sinking chance to survive.

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Do not panic if see that the person in water started barakhtat hands and to appeal about the help. Be mobilized, do not waste time, but act very carefully. Cases when the rescuer leaves under water together with the sinking are frequent.

Swim up to the person only behind, differently the unconsciously sinking will seize you and will prevent to move. Pick up rescued under mice or for hair, lift the person over water up and row to the coast.

If you quickly reacted and the victim did not manage to inhale water, he can be brought quickly round grinding and an ukutyvaniye in dry clothes. Well hot strong sweet tea and support of people around help.

But the person can have suffered much waters, then pull out him on the coast, put a stomach on the bent knee and press a hand on a back so that water left lungs. The head of the victim has to be below a thorax that liquid freely followed. Remove with a towel or a scarf from a nose and a mouth of the person water, emetic masses and ooze.

Put the victim on a back and check pulse existence. Do not forget that if the person does not breathe more than two minutes, it can lead to death. If you did not find pulse, do an artificial respiration "a mouth in a mouth" and indirect massage of heart. It is made so: sharply press four-five times the palms put together on a thorax of the victim and blow air into his open mouth. In a minute it is necessary to make 64-90 pushes and 16 breaths.

To elderly people massage is done sparing, it is not necessary to press too strongly. And to small children of a point make not palms, but fingers. Do not do indirect massage of heart if pulse, even the weakest, is probed. Such actions you can stop heart. Before pressing sharply on a thorax, be convinced once again that heart beat is not present.