How to alter a coat

How to alter a coat

Each of us has many not fashionable things which are a pity for throwing out, but also there are no wish to carry any more. If you have a giving or a kitchen garden, they will just be suitable for work on them. But it is possible to think up also other application to old things if to include the imagination. So, for example, from an old coat the excellent fashionable jacket or a jacket can turn out. Of course, altering a coat, it is possible to face small problems at a pattern. Try to include all the imagination, and at you everything will turn out.

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Unstitch a coat, but not on fine details. For example, it is better not to touch sleeves as, perhaps, they will be same.


Be defined what exactly you will sew, for example, a jacket, and then make a pattern. If the style of your jacket has a modern cut: the free humeral belt, a silhouette which is narrowed from top to bottom, and your coat, has narrow top and a flared bottom, it is necessary to turn a pattern "head over heels" to fit into a cut.


Prepare a pattern and start finding each detail of a jacket. Iron through a damp rag the iron each detail of a pattern. Then if necessary walk a line a zigzag on jacket details.


Sew all parts of a new product, thus connecting a shelf and a back. Sew a collar, stitch sleeves and sew a lining to a jacket.


Sew a lightning or buttons, and also patchpockets. Sew a bottom of a lining and iron all product.

On it your work is not finished yet, it is possible to decorate new clothes with application. So the jacket will become more original and more attractive. Still it can be changed by means of fur which can both be fastened, and to remove depending on mood. The jacket can be warmed, for this purpose the substitch can put it on fur of an old synthetic or natural fur coat. Generally do to a substitch removable.