How to prepare a duck entirely

How to prepare a duck entirely
How to prepare a duck entirely

Ahead an invited dinner, you wait for dear visitors, or simply wishes to experiment and prepare something tasty and interesting, and chicken, beef and pork do not make due impression any more. In this case prepare a duck entirely.

The preparation time is required 31 minutes to you Utyatnitsa; baking sheet; threads; apples; honey; mustard; salt; pepper; basil. The sponsor of placement P&G Articles on the subject "How to Prepare a Duck Entirely" How to prepare a duck in an oven How to prepare a duck with potato in an oven How to prepare a duck



To prepare a duck entirely, it is desirable to buy her carcass in the market but if there is no such opportunity, then buy the drawn in shop. Prepare necessary ware in which the duck entirely will be located. It can be a baking sheet with high sides or a special utyatnitsa.


Take a big bowl and carefully wash a duck. Geese and ducks – animals at whom there is a lot of fat. Therefore clean all excess fat in a duck, pay special attention to a rump.


Entirely the duck is prepared, surely stuffing her, classical option – a farshirovka with apples. Take 3 apples of the average size, clear of a skin, cut each apple on 6 parts. Then take 1 Art. of l of mustard and 1 Art. of l of honey, mix, cover with the turned-out mix a duck inside and outside after that fill it with apples, fill in 1,5 glasses of white dry wine, add salt, pepper and a basil to taste, sew up.


Lay a duck on a baking sheet. After that in an additional baking sheet pour water and put it on the lower shelf in an oven, then the duck will not burn. Then warm an oven to 250 degrees, put a duck on the average shelf. Within 10 minutes train her at a temperature of 250, then 20 minutes at 200, all rest of the time at 180. Preparation time: 1-1,5 hours. During cooking the duck needs to be overturned all the time.


When the duck is ready, lay out her on a big dish, remove threads, take out apples and lay at the edges. Decorate a duck with fresh greens and give to a table with white dry wine.