How to clean parental control

How to clean parental control

The behavior of the child in infancy and early age is almost completely controlled by parents. At this time parents put the program of his further independent existence in the child. Excessive parental control can make of the child of the person who is not able to make independent decisions, afraid to take the responsibility and shifting it to shoulders of others. In process of a growing of your child, you should weaken, and then and completely to clean parental control.

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Force themselves to release the child and to trust him. Believe that children at all such small and defenseless beings what they seem to you. The maturing child does not need continuous guardianship any more, and you cannot constantly protect him any more from all acute angles which he can come across in life.


Analyse the behavior, perhaps, the internal protest against the child gradually ceases to need you psychologically and energetically, is caused by that in the childhood did not dolyubit you or paid you not enough attention. Perhaps, not enough attention to you is paid by the spouse, and you instinctively demand it from the child.


Do not weaken control at once, will be so quieter also to you, and the child. But anyway, show it that you believe in him and in its ability is for your child will become the best incentive to try and meet your expectations.


Having cleaned parental control, you have to remain the friend to the child, capable to come to the rescue council at a difficult moment. You as the person more skilled, can give advice, but never impose the opinion, after all over the years all natural in us is blocked by different complexes and the imposed norms of society. In this sense children are more flexible psychologically, the essence of things for them remains more open.