How to make the transceiver

How to make the transceiver

The transceiver is the special device which is intended for reception and a signal transmission between two physically various means of communication systems. It represents the receiver transmitter connecting the host interface to a network, for example Ethernet.

It is required to you

- MAX3232CPE chip;
- the panel under a chip;
- model payment;
- ceramic condensers;
- USB fork;
- thin probe;
- wires;
- soldering iron;
- rosin;
- solder.

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Execute assembly of the transceiver the hands on Max232 chip, for this purpose use the corresponding scheme. Be convinced available all necessary elements for creation of the transceiver. Decide on the size of a payment and cut out a piece of the necessary size from a maketka. Further solder it.

Solder condensers, it is necessary to heat them not more long than 7 seconds. Solder all crossing points. Further prepare SOM port, for this purpose execute the soldering of wires to the fifth and second pin, one wire to the case. Prepare USB: solder wires to the first and fourth pin according to the scheme, one wire to the case. Solder everything according to the scheme.

Execute assembly of the transceiver by means of the transistor. Use for this purpose the corresponding scheme. To assemble the transceiver according to this scheme, you need the transistor, resistors, the thin probe, a fork of USB, SOM sockets, wires.

Solder the resistor to base of the transistor, further execute the soldering of a wire on grounding to the transistor emitter. Solder the resistor, a wire before the second contact of the plug CATFISH to a collector of the transistor. Further solder wires to the fifth and second contacts of SOM plugs. Connect a red wire from USB to the resistor 1 Côme, a black wire – to the fifth contact of the plug CATFISH. Solder the probe to the resistor 10 Côme. Protect elements from external physical impacts and short circuits.

Execute check of the made transceiver, for this purpose download and install the Realterm program, for this purpose follow the link, execute loading of the program. Establish it on the computer, switch off it. Attach the transceiver to the SOM and USB of Your Computer ports.

Turn on the computer, start the application. to turn on the computer and to start the program. Pass "Port" to a bookmark and choose port to which you connected the transceiver. Further click on the Open button, transfer it to the pressed state. If on the screen there were yellow symbols, the transceiver the worker means. If is not present, try to touch the probe. Even at the changeable movement of symbols try to use the transceiver. If from the first the transceiver did not start working, use other elements and check the soldering.