Food of the child from 1 to 3 years

Food of the child from 1 to 3 years
I remember how I nursed the daughter, and entered into a squash feeding up a bit later. Now the baby has some and she already tried a set of various products. But, as we know, not all products can be really useful to the child. The menu of the kid, first of all, has to correspond to his age. Of course, the main product in a diet the godovichka still remains milk and fermented milk products. But the daily dose of these products considerably decreases. Now it is enough to kid to use 600 ml of milk, including fermented milk products. I advise you to use in a diet of the kid fermented milk products with bifidobacteria, learned by own experience as far as they are useful to the child's intestines. But other useful products also are necessary for the kid for growth of development of a children's organism. So the menu of the one-year-old child has to enter?
Cottage cheese and cheese the Most favourite product of my daughter became cottage cheese. It always with pleasure opened a mouth and absorbed a spoon with cottage cheese. Most likely, the growing organism demanded this product, after all cottage cheese and various cottage cheese products (such as curd cakes and syrkovy weight) are perfectly acquired by an organism and are a calcium source. And it is to the kid now it is most of all necessary, in particular for teeth. Therefore I advise you to give to the child cottage cheese or cottage cheese products three or four of time a week. You can also please the kid with baked pudding or cheesecakes, many children adore such dishes.
Also in baby food it is possible to apply cheese. It is desirable that cheese was soft and not sharp, processed or polished cheese is best of all. Can strew it on a slice of bread and butter or add to macaroni.
Meat products Of course, the child cannot chew enough firm food as he has only eight foreteeth. Therefore it is still better to process meat products in the meat grinder, and to mash boiled vegetables. Itself tried to give to the daughter a meat slice, she could not chew well it and slightly with it did not choke. Therefore I advise readers Mirsovetov to wait till 1,5 years when the kid has 6 more teeth, then it will be possible to start experimenting firmer food. But by 2 years, your kid will become the owner of all milk teeth, and it will be able to master practically any firm food.
Now your child well copes with small slices of meat of boiled or stewed meat, and also with slices of vegetables. In baby food it is better to use meat of beef and veal. And veal is more preferable, as meat at it more gentle. Also you can use meat of chicken, a turkey and rabbit. Meat of these animals not fat also possesses pleasant and gentle taste. Can sometimes give to the child low-fat pork, a duck, a goose. Your kid has to eat not less than 100 g of meat a day. Try to alternate a kind of meat, do not give only one beef or chicken.
Many mothers give the to children such products as sausage, sausages. I read a lot of literature on baby food and I can tell with confidence that you should not give to the child till three years similar products. Practically any sausages contain various additives which can adversely be reflected on health of your child. So do not follow the tastes of the laziness, referring to employment. Cook to the kid really healthy food better.
Fish And here can give a small fish without fears. Fish is not the simply tasty food but rather useful. It contains useful mineral substances and protein which are so necessary for a children's organism. I the daughter started luring fish puree since eight months, it became her favourite dish. Now we already eat a boiled small fish. In a boiled look it soft is also very well chewed so you can give it and to the kid with a small amount of teeth. And here in a fried look you should not give fish. In general I recommend to readers to wait a little Mirsovetov with fried products, at least, so far to the child three years will not be executed. After all all know, what impact fried products have on a human body. Even adults are not recommended to eat them often, so why to give fried to the small child?
To a great regret, caviar as food is not suitable for little children. Many parents consider her as a useful and irreplaceable product and specially only for children and buy. But caviar contains big percent of fat content for this reason it is badly acquired by an organism and can be an allergy harbinger. So give to the kid a fish cutlet better, and eat caviar. The small fish in the menu of the small has to appear 2 or 3 times a week from 70 g to 100 g in one step.
Egg One of important products for children can call egg. Egg is given to the child in eight months, being limited only to a yolk. However, my daughter did not want to eat one yolk, grabbed the whole egg and ate. Now we eat eggs regularly. We eat no more than three eggs in a week. You can make an omelet of eggs, but cook them in the abrupt better. Eggs are easily acquired by an organism, but duck and goose eggs for food of children are not recommended as eggs of these natatorial can be infected by salmonellas. And as you know, it is very dangerous even to the adult, not to mention the child. Some children have an allergy to protein of egg, but you should not deprive of it this product absolutely, it can quite give one yolk.
Can add salt to food of the kid only in very small amounts. And do not use seasoning at all.
Fats and bakery products it is Also already possible to use fats in the form of vegetable and butter. You can add butter to a squash, mashed potatoes or to smear on bread no more than 30 g a day. I do to the daughter potatoes puree with addition of butter and meleny meat. My baby even licked lips – so tasty combination of products.
Use only natural butter. Any facilitated margarine and dietary oil. It not only will not bring benefit, and still can do harm.
Vegetable oil is used in food of children for gas station of salads, vinaigrettes, as well as for cooking. The daily dose of vegetable oil makes 2 tablespoons. Use as well not refined oil. It is much more useful refined.
For children from 1 to 3 years in food of the child more than 100 g a day should not exceed bakery products. It will be very useful to the kid rye hlebushka as he forces to work intestines. Do not forget that the excess use of bread, rolls, cookies can lead to excess weight.
Vegetables, fruit and sweet in the menu of the child the place of honor is allocated for Fruit and vegetables. After all they are so vitamin-rich also microcells that briefly and will not tell.
Vegetables are very useful, but they are pleasant not to all children. My daughter reluctantly eats them. Therefore try to add more vegetables to salads and to use them in various dishes.
And here fruit is pleasant to many children. My daughter very much loves currant and grapes and with pleasure them absorbs. Try to polakomit whenever possible during the season the kid different berries and fruit, after all they are so useful! Fruit and vegetables can be used even to 400 g a day.
It is better to use sugar and confectionery in the minimum quantity. Many parents try not to accustom the child to sweet till three years, and it is correct. I anything except baking and rolls do not give the daughter. I think, she still will manage to try the sweet. If give to the child sweet, watch that its quantity did not exceed 50 g a day.
Grain and drinks Also continue to feed the kid with a squash, only now it will need to be cooked. Practically any grain will be suitable for preparation of a squash. It will be much more tasty and more useful if you add to berry porridge, dried apricots, raisin, nuts or grated apple.
Try not to abuse bean products such as peas and haricot. Many children often have pains and an abdominal distension after their use.
As for drinks, here it is possible to tell unambiguously, the juice and compotes prepared from fresh or dried fruit are useful to children of such age. It is also possible to drink and mineral water without gases. But I would advise readers to give Mirsovetov to the kids only children's water so far. And here it is best of all to refuse multi-colored carbonated drinks. I personally ceased to use them, having realized that they negatively influence health. And, of course, I will not begin to offer the daughter them.
The feeding mode Now you know what exactly is useful for your child and than it is possible to feed him. There is a question of what at it has to be the mode? After all regime of the baby sharply differs from regime of the one-year-old child.
Till 1,5 years the kid is recommended to eat on 5 or 6 times a day if early wakes up. My daughter wakes up in the 6th mornings and in a couple of minutes already jumps on a bed. I to it always give something to drink. Water or children's tea. And then we already start a breakfast.
Regime of children of this age is treated differently. Here the main thing that the mode existed and strongly did not deviate the general established norms. Here so the approximate menu per day looks: Early in the morning you can give to drink the child milk or mix. Can already begin the second breakfast with a dairy squash with a small slice a hlebushka with oil, having washed down all this with tea. During the lunchtime surely feed the child with soup, prepared on meat broth. On the second there can be a vermicelli with quenelles, vegetable salatik and compote. For a mid-morning snack it will be necessary to eat cottage cheese or fruit puree, having washed down all this with herbal tea. For dinner there is a fruit puree, a souffle from a small fish and tea. Main courses such as squash, soup and vegetable puree, have to make only 100-150 g at one time of food, i.e. for a breakfast or a lunch. The second and minor dishes will make from 25 g to 50 g at one time. Before going to bed offer the kid a little milk or kefir.
The diet of children from 1,5 to 3 years remains the same, only proportions increase. The child grows, and it is necessary to eat, naturally, he has more.

In summary I want to tell that the menu of the child has to be balanced. Watch that the child used moderately these or those products. The growing organism of children of this age should have no surplus or a shortcoming. But, nevertheless, all the same try to consider also addictions in food of your kid. Taking into account this feature also make the menu for the child. children, menu of the child, food of the child