How to draw the person of a certain profession

How to draw the person of a certain profession

On working clothes and tools it is possible to distinguish a profession of the person easily. But not all experts have a certain dress and carry with themselves instruments of labor, but also in this case it is possible to show a profession of the character in drawing.

It is required to you

- paper;
- pencils;
- paints.

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Fire, police, military, physicians, welders, road workers, stewardesses, cooks wear a certain suit. Therefore it will be easy to learn their profession on drawing. You need to study only carefully a working form in the photo and "to dress" in it a figure of the character of your picture. Color of a suit too is important, for example, a bright orange vest of the road worker or a snow-white apron and the cook's cap.

To add an image of the person of a certain profession, it is necessary to supply it with the necessary tool in work. The firefighter holds in hand a fire engine with the strong stream of water beating from it. The employee of traffic police waves a striped staff to the violator. The soldier on a post holds the machine gun. At the doctor on a neck the stethoscope hangs.

Thanks to special objects of the labor it is possible to draw also those experts who have no certain dress code so that the audience learned with whom your characters work. Represent the teacher before a blackboard with a pointer in a hand. The writer sits at a table and knocks on keyboard keys, on the screen of the monitor the long text is visible.

The secretary faces with a pile of papers a table of the chief. The cook holds a serving spoon and a knife in hand. The seller faces a counter with cash desk, and at a background the exposed goods are visible. The worker works behind the conveyor. The carpenter works as a chisel or a plane on a board. The builder with a trowel in a hand lays a brick.

The woodcutter with a powerful petrolsaw brings down a high pine. Fishermen on a seiner battle to networks full of fat fish. The astronaut in a space suit hangs in zero gravity among cold emptiness, the ship board is visible nearby. The smith with a leather bandage on a forehead, in an apron, with the heated metal rod in a hand beats a heavy hammer on an anvil.

People of creative professions too have characteristic attributes of work on which they can be distinguished. The artist faces an easel with a palette and brushes. Dancers are dressed in elegant suits, their poses too are characteristic. The athlete has quite certain dress code and the stock corresponding to this sport.

Thus, practically all professions can be represented in drawing. Try as it is possible to trace more precisely characteristic details of a suit and tools that the person who will consider your picture, had no doubts concerning specialty of the character.