When there is Windows 8

When there is Windows 8

Operating systems of Windows family are installed on millions of computers around the world. No wonder that users expect a release of each new version of OS from the Microsoft company with huge interest, its emergence becomes the real event in the computer world.

The sponsor of placement P&G Articles on the subject "When There Is Windows 8" That new in Windows 8 Where to buy Windows 8 How to install the terminal in Windows statistically, the most widespread operating system in the world is Windows XP today. After it with considerable lag there is Windows 7 which did not get popularity of the previous version. Considering numerous problems of safety, characteristic for these OS, many users with impatience expect emergence on sale of Windows 8.

The Microsoft company announced the schedule of availability of a new operating system to different categories of users. Since August 15, 2012 Windows 8 will be on sale to subscribers of the MSDN and TechNet services, since August 16 participants of the Software Assurance and Microsoft Partner Network programs will be able to receive it. On August 20 suppliers of Microsoft Action Pack will be able to establish new OS. Since September 1 the novelty will be available to buyers of the corporate licenses participating in the Software Assurance program. At last, on October 26 Windows 8 will appear on shelves of shops and will be available to everyone.

In spite of the fact that before emergence of Windows 8 in shops still there are some months, Internet users already now can test new OS that on own experience to estimate its merits and demerits. You can download absolutely freely the test version of an operating system from the site of the Microsoft company. Versions in different languages, including in Russian are available. OS is presented in the form of an ISO image, it needs to be downloaded and written down on a compact disk by means of any program capable to work with images – for example, of Nero. After that you receive a usual adjusting disk from which will be able to establish new OS on the computer.

One of the main features of Windows 8 is essentially new Metro interface calculated on users of tablets. On the screen there are big diverse icons of the installed programs that for certain it will be pleasant to users of tablet computers. There is a possibility of transition to the traditional interface – the truth, from it the habitual Start-up button disappeared. New OS is much quicker loaded and switched off that is undoubted plus. All programs written for former versions of an operating system will work at it. But if you got used to work with Windows 7 and you have an ordinary computer with the simple not touch screen, it is hardly worth hurrying to pass to new OS. It is necessary to get used long enough to unusual keyboard combinations and numerous small changes of the interface, thus any clear advantages from transition to a new operating system it is not looked through yet. Besides, the first releases of new OS traditionally sin with numerous mistakes which main part will eliminate only to the following release.