How to treat a scale

How to treat a scale

Tooth deposits or as them still call "scale" – are at 80% of people. These deposits from the remains of food, a slushchenny epithelium, bacteria and calcic and phosphoric salts. First on rough part of a neck of tooth the soft raid accumulates, then on it settle solid limy salts. The raid is condensed and covers all tooth in a gum. The scale most often arises on teeth, it is less participating in chewing therefore their natural cleaning worsens.

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Scale – result of insufficient hygiene of a mouth, and also habit to chew one party of a jaw and to avoid firm food. Intensive tooth deposits can be also observed at the broken metabolism and some diseases of an internal.


Not to allow emergence of a scale, it is necessary to use to a thicket firm food – apples, fresh carrots, cabbage. It is necessary to brush teeth at least twice a day as the dental plaque starts being postponed on teeth in 2 hours after food.


The pigmented spots on teeth can try to be cleared the toothpaste powdered by baking soda. Also for these purposes use a wooden toothpick which tip knead to a condition of a brush, dip it into baking soda and accurately wipe a spot on tooth. It is necessary to do it carefully not to injure a gum. It is impossible to apply acids and other chemicals to bleaching of teeth.


The scale can lead to emergence of the center of an inflammation of a gum, intoxication of an organism and a bad smell from a mouth. To treat a scale – means to remove it. Therefore for removal of scales it is necessary to address to the stomatologist. Independently it is impossible to clean stones from teeth.


For removal of scales it is necessary to visit the stomatologist once in half a year. In modern stomatology for this purpose there is a set of technologies.


At the first stage the dental plaque and a stone delete with ultrasound and the manual tool. Especially ground tools used to these purposes exclude damage of tooth enamel. The fang is processed by ultrasound.


At the second stage of cleaning polishing of teeth is carried out. Further – polishing. For polishing of teeth special pastes and ultrasonic tools with plastic smooth nozzles are used.


To make process of removal of a dental plaque and stone and painless, apply local anesthesia – the anesthetizing blockade by injections or process a mouth lidokainovy spray.