How to draw a billiard table

How to draw a billiard table

In the course of game on billiards the cloth tense on a game table wears out. As a result on it the attritions, high temples changing a trajectory of the movement of billiard balls during game are formed. To eliminate it, it is necessary to replace billiard cloth - to draw it.

It is required to you

new cloth, special lining fabric, glue for pasting of fabric and a chipboard, a hammer, nails, metalwork level.

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Sort a billiard table. Remove grids and billiard pockets, then turn off boards, releasing access to the edge of game cloth. Remove an old covering and lining fabric.


Attentively examine the basis of a billiard table. At simple tables it is made of a plate of a chipboard, at more expensive is used special plates from a stone. For them there is a special technique of a banner of a billiard table therefore it is better to charge it to experts.


The found damages on a chipboard need to be eliminated. Define convexities by metalwork level or hollows on the basis. They need to be eliminated or by means of mastic on a tree, or by means of cleaning. The billiard table prepared for a banner needs to be dried.


Apply glue on a surface of a chipboard. Then paste from above lining fabric, smoothing all wrinkles and folds. The arising air bubbles need to be removed from the center to the table edge by means of the plastic pallet. Leave the pasted cloth before full drying. Then cut edges, leveling and turning in them from all directions.


Start a banner of a saukn. Spread new cloth on all surface of a table. Have it so that all svesa were identical. At first pull the middle of cloth on a short board and fix by means of nails and a hammer, beating cloth to an end face of a plate of a chipboard. Repeat operation on the other hand.


Similarly make the same operation with the long parties of a billiard table. When all middle are tense, start fixing of cloth on a billiard table on all area.