How to get rid of gas generation in intestines

How to get rid of gas generation in intestines

Gas generation in intestines – quite unpleasant process. Feature of food are the main reason: the use of exotic products, and also the food causing gas generation (cabbage, peas). To get rid of this illness quite perhaps.

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First of all, remember a saying from the childhood that it is necessary to use food silently, and eat according to this statement, that is, without talking, differently air will get to a stomach.


Reduce the use of the drinks containing gases.


After meal do not lay down at once to have a rest, descend better, walk.


If you love bean products and use them quite often, it is necessary to prepare them specially. Before cooking, it is desirable to soak them. In this case they will lose some part of the gas-forming properties.


Sorbents will help you to reduce unpleasant feelings in intestines at an overeating of the products containing excess of gases. Any doctor in that case recommends to accept preparations with the maintenance of a simetikon as it splits up air bubbles in intestines. Also accept the preparations and products containing bifidobacteria.


Gas generation is not always caused by features of food, in certain cases the reason of emergence of this process is considered a concrete disease. If in your case this is truethis is truethis is true, then address to the doctor who will appoint to you a special course of treatment. This course will be directed not on disposal of gas generation, and on disposal of the disease owing to what unpleasant feelings in intestines will disappear.


For disposal of the increased gas generation surely reconsider the day diet, having reduced in it quantity of the following products: potatoes and other crude vegetables, fresh bread, yeast dough, beer, and also apples.


The main means helping to get rid of gas generation is absorbent carbon. The dose of this medicine makes 1 tablet on 10 kg of weight. It brings toxins out of an organism.


Try some folk remedies. For example, accept in 3-4 hours prior to food ukropny water (on a half of a glass). Or parsley infusion which needs to be accepted throughout the day in the equal portions (approximately on 200 ml).

The main thing – is correct to define the reason of emergence of the increased gas generation and according to it to choose a method of disposal of unpleasant feelings.