How squids are stuffed with an omelet?

How squids are stuffed with an omelet?
This dish also looks beautifully and very tasty. The squids stuffed with an omelet it is possible to cut ringlets and to give with any sauce. Here is how this dish prepares.

For preparation of the stuffed squids it will be required to us: rub - four squids, four eggs, two hundred grams of fresh champignons, two small lukovichka, two sweet pepper, vegetable oil, salt and pepper. Spoon of tomato sauce, teaspoon of soy sauce.

For a start we need to prepare an omelet with which we also will stuff subsequently squids. For this purpose we wash mushrooms and as it is possible more small we cut. We cut also onions. Now it is necessary to fry onions and mushrooms. Too we wash sweet pepper, we delete seeds and a tail, we cut small straws and we send to a frying pan to mushrooms with onions. We salt a dish and we pepper.
Right at the end we break eggs into fried mushrooms, we stir an egg fork with mushrooms and vegetables. We close a cover a frying pan and we prepare an omelet to full readiness. Then we take out an omelet and we allow it to cool down.
Now we will be engaged in squids. We wash them and we clean from a plyonochka. In core of each squid we put a portion of an omelet with mushrooms.
That the omelet did not drop out of a squid, it is possible to zashchipnut edge by means of a toothpick.
Now in a saucer we mix soy sauce, it is a little waters and tomato paste. Each squid is dipped in this gravy and we spread on the frying pan warmed with vegetable oil. Then with the remained gravy it is filled in our stuffed squids. We train them under covered minutes five.
This dish can be given hot (with sauce) and cold (having cut on circles).
Bon appetit!