How to repair the one-lever mixer

How to repair the one-lever mixer

Even if you at heart the person accurate and very much make thrifty use of the subjects surrounding you, from such unexpected surprises as breakage of the one-lever mixer you are not insured. Therefore in advance arm with knowledge how to repair such mixer.

It is required to you

- rozhkovy key;
- cartridge;
- laying;
- thin hook;
- screw-driver;
- cartouche.

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Before starting directly repair of the mixer, secure to yourself: block the gate of supply of cold and hot water (it is necessary to make it to warn a flood in case something will go not so).

If from the mixer water leaks, it can testify that between a ball and "saddles" or disks of a ceramic-metal lock the mote got. Pull out the decorative cap established in forward part of the lever. This cap in most cases blue-red (that is, the blue half is from supply of cold water, and red - it is hotter). Accurately turn out the screw located under a cap by means of which the regulating rod is attached to the lever. After that remove the lever and pull out the got littered cartridge, having replaced it new. Then collect the mixer.

The main reason for a poor stream of the water going from the crane - an aerator contamination. If in your one-lever crane the similar problem is observed, turn off the aerator and blow it. Then under a strong pressure wash out a setochka from two parties. After the done operations screw in the aerator.

Quite often it is difficult to establish causes of defect. In this case for a start it is necessary to disassemble the mixer. Accurately remove the chromeplated details, then by means of a screw-driver hook a locking spring, unscrew densely sitting cartouche and pull out it. Replace it on new (if the old was worn out). Collect the mixer.