How to repair the food adapter

How to repair the food adapter

Cases when the adapter of power supply of the system unit of the personal computer fails, meet everywhere. The computer in such situation or simply does not turn on, or is spontaneously switched off through certain periods. It is possible to try to correct this situation independently.

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Disconnect the system unit of your personal computer from an electric network. Disconnect from it all wires, and then take a krestovy screw-driver. Remove the left lateral panel. By means of the same screw-driver on the back face party of a system side unscrew two screws holding the food adapter. At the top of a system side there is a level which also holds it.

Unbend it. Then, unscrew two more bolts which fix the power unit to the internal panel of the case of the system unit. Attentively examine the block case. More it nothing has to hold. If there are additional bolts, unscrew them. Then disconnect all feeding cables which go from the food adapter to the winchester, the drive, and to the motherboard.

Disconnect them. Then take the food adapter from the system unit. Pay attention to a smell. If the adapter of food smells as ashes, stop all actions and bear it in the service center. Independently you will not manage to repair it.

Take the ordinary pump to repair the food adapter. The contamination is its dust the possible reason of failure of the adapter of food. As a result of it work of the cooling cooler becomes complicated, it starts rotating more slowly because of what the adapter of food overheats and switched off.

Blow the pump through an open surface a power unit cooler to remove as much as possible dust. After that connect it on a former place. If he did not start working normally, it is necessary to address to the service center as you will not manage to repair the food adapter independently in that case.

Get the new power unit if old it was not succeeded to repair. Select it, proceeding from characteristics of the old. Can take the power unit a little more powerfully that there was a certain stock if you, for example, decide to connect one more hard drive or the dvd-drive. Track that dimensions of the new adapter of food did not differ from his predecessor, differently there can be problems with installation in the case of the system unit.