How to choose an undershirt

How to choose an undershirt

Undershirts can be worn everywhere: at work and houses, on vacation and at dacha, even during a dream. But each of these purposes requires the undershirt, the main thing - it is correct to pick up it.

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For a start decide on what clothing size at you. Well the undershirt fitting on the person looks much better, than drooped or excessively fitting. If you do not know the size, look at it on the old things which on you fit well. Will help in this case and consultation of the seller with shop.


At a choice of an undershirt pay attention to its quality. It concerns as the material of which it is made, and processings of seams and the put drawing. Material has to look presentably, all seams are well processed, the sticking-out threads – a sign of the unfair relation of the producer to the work. Drawing on an undershirt has to be strongly fixed, should not be cracked. Poor put drawing will have about washings. Do not pursue low cost – the saved money will not help when after a while it is necessary to buy a new undershirt.


Choose material which is pleasant to you more. Different materials not only behave differently, but also differ in feeling in a body. The clothes from absolute cotton are pleasant to the touch, but are quite strongly rumpled. For this reason at structure there can be such materials as viscose, an elastane, etc. They do an undershirt less rumpled, but at the same time the body feels it in a different way.


Choose the undershirt cut which is most suitable you. It can be as the most usual, and, for example, without sleeves, fitted, extended, etc. Be defined, what type is more convenient for you. An important role is played thus also by the purpose for which you buy new clothes: for walks, the house or work.


Choose color of an undershirt. For summer will approach light tone as such clothes heat up from the sun therefore to you will not be in it very much hot less more. Decide on that, you want to see drawing on an undershirt or it has to be simply monophonic.


And the most important – to you has to be convenient. Having tried on an undershirt, do not take off at once it, walk a little, place hands aside, imitate those movements which you should make in usual life. If everything is pleasant – you found that looked for.