How to lift return speed

How to lift return speed

For increase of reputation at torrent trackers it is necessary to support constantly distributions which you already downloaded. It gives the chance steadily to download new files and thus not to be blocked. For increase of speed of return it is enough to conform to some rules.

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Leave an Internet channel free. The maximum speed of return is possible at the minimum loading of the channel. The highest speed of distribution a torrent file is observed when your computer does not use connection to the Internet, except for uTorrent or other program for downloading of torrents. It means that for the best distribution it is necessary to disconnect background loading of updatings, to close the browser and to disconnect all programs which download something or transfer through a global network.


Disconnect program restrictions of distribution. In settings it is necessary to install programs for work with torrents the Distribution Speed parameter (Upload Limit) in the mode "Beyond all bounds" or if such option is absent – to establish the greatest possible speed from the list of the offered distribution speeds.


Do not try to increase the distribution speed if provider and/or your tariff plan are limited. For example, at a speed of connection of 1 Mbit hardly you will be able to distribute files with a speed of 4 Mbit if only the downloading torrent does not appear in a network of your provider.


Pay attention to popularity of a torrent and quantity of sid, lichy. The more people swing a torrent, the return of a traffic, and vice versa is required above. If to a network it is connected few computers downloading this file, and distributing much the speed of distribution will sharply fall as distributing and so it is more, than it is required.