How to record video in Skype

How to record video in Skype

Skype, in essence, is the competitor of all cellular networks. The acceptable prices of calls since one end force to reduce the prices of communication for other end of the planet to many mobile network operators. Skype allows to exchange several types of messages: it can work in the videoconference mode that allows her clients to transfer, both sound, and video signal. At emergence of need for record video or an audiosignal the program allows to keep them on the hard drive.

It is required to you

Software of Skype.

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The functional component of this program allows to talk in real time with each other, using a videoconference, and to transfer any information – references to the pleasant videos, audio recordings, etc. Also the program has function of synchronization of data of the user with the server that allows to see history of your messages, despite that you are behind other computer.


If you want to improve work with this program, use additional annexes to Skype. For their loading press the Tools menu, then "Additions of Extras", "To load additions of Extras". In a window of search it is possible to enter the name of addition which you want to use, or to choose them from the categories given below. For example, for loading of addition which will be able to show to your interlocutor as you carry out a certain action on the computer, enter Pamela Call Recorder into a search window.


After addition of this appendix, you will need to press the record button. Depending on nature of conference (the audio or video), will write down the corresponding conversation. In the opened window before you there will be a record window which is externally similar to a standard window of a sound recording in the Windows XP operating system.