How to fill in the questionnaire on the international passport

How to fill in the questionnaire on the international passport

The agiotage in FMS lasts all the year round, but it reaches special peak during the spring period when citizens prepare for summer holidays. To reduce time of visit to government institution, important correctly and accurately to fill in the questionnaire on the international passport.

It is required to you

- Internet;
- printer;
- the handle with black ink;
- operating time local Office of the Federal Migration Service;
- passport data;
- service record;
- photos on the international passport.

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It is possible to fill in the questionnaire on registration of the international passport in two ways: on the computer or manually. Employees of the Office of the Federal Migration Service ask to bring, whenever possible, printed questionnaire. First, the quantity of mistakes in documents is so reduced (the printed text simpler to read and distinguish); secondly, verification of the questionnaire occupies smaller amount of time (for the same reasons).

Open the file with the questionnaire on the site of FMS: Visit the Documents page. In the list choose "International passport" at the left. Thumb through the opened page to the list of documents. Click the active line "Statement for Issue of the Passport of New Generation". At once before you the form for filling will open.

As the cursor choose a line which want to fill. Click on it, it will become available to input of information. Fill in all first seven points according to data of your passport of the citizen of the Russian Federation. In the electronic version underlining function will be inaccessible to you. Therefore note all additional data specified in brackets under the filled line after print out the questionnaire.

    Answer questions 8 and 9 with words which choose from specified under lines for filling: for temporary trips abroad; primary or instead of used and so forth. After print out the questionnaire also surely emphasize the necessary answer. In points 10-13 give the answer, having written either "yes", or "no".

The special attention when filling the questionnaire is deserved by the table 14 "Data on Work Over the Last 10 Years". If for all specified time you did not change a work place, simply specify it. Otherwise, count, since what year it is necessary to specify work (if fill in 2012 – with 2002). Pay attention what it is necessary to write even study places (school, college, institute), having specified the address of educational institution.

If for last years you often changed work places, had considerable intervals in work, write everything as is, specifying date of employment, date of dismissal, a place, the address of the working organization and a position. During those periods when you did not work, specify data on the address of your site at this time. Set the seal on the questionnaire on the real workplace, and also make certified copies of the service record. If at present you do not work anywhere, hand over the questionnaire together with the original of the service record.

Do not put date and the signature on the questionnaire to submission of documents in the Office of the Federal Migration Service. Print out the questionnaire, paste the photo. Set the necessary seals. Collect the documents specified in requirements, in reception hours give them to local office of the Office of the Federal Migration Service.