How to find the school on the area

How to find the school on the area

Search of suitable school becomes an important problem for parents of the growing-up child. There are, at least, two opportunities - it is possible to try to write down the child in the most prestigious educational institution far from the house, or to send it to study in a registration place. In the latter case record will take place much more simply. How to learn, the house, where do you live belongs to what school?

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Contact regional department of education. You can learn its address and phone on the site of the city or regional administration. Call in department or come there personally. Call the residential address, and you will be told number of school to which your house is assigned.

Also there is other opportunity - you can directly call in the next to you school and ask there. Phone of school can be found in the reference book of the organizations or in various online catalogs of establishments of your city.

Remember, at what school the polling precinct to which you go will be organized to vote. Usually this school also is that in which are obliged to write down your child.

Receive information on the relation to this or that school just before record of the child in the first class. It needs to be made as microsites of schools can change, and, respectively, your house can be attached to a site of other school.

If you learned, your house belongs to what school, but it does not suit you, you have an opportunity to choose other place of study for the child. But in this case keep in mind: there will be no guarantee that it will be accepted in other place. Prepare it for interview as such method of selection of pupils often meets in popular average educational institutions.

If, for example, near the house of one of relatives there is a good school to which it is not simple to get, change of a registration of the child can become a way out. If he is written out from the parental apartment and will receive a registration in other housing, he will have the priority right for study at the relevant school.

Pay attention: to school on which microsite you live, your child is obliged to admit. Therefore keep in mind that various "entrance fees" are illegal, if public school.