Prompt a diet from Jenifer Aniston?

Prompt a diet from Jenifer Aniston?
Agree that hardly Jenifer Aniston, the talented actress, a star of series "Friends", and the former spouse of Brad Pitt, it is possible to call the beauty in classical understanding of this word. But, for some reason and somehow in a different way to call its language too does not turn.

It so well and competently operates the appearance that, looking at it, do not notice the wrong face proportions. In it everything is beautiful – a smile, a look, hair, a figure … And if the look, etc. hardly manages to be reproduced, it is possible to be engaged in a figure especially as Jennifer and does not hide secrets of the symmetry.

To achieve such figure as at Jenifer Aniston, it is necessary to divide at first the diet into 3 parts from which 40% will be carbohydrates, and on 30% - proteins and fats. Such division of food says that Jennifer is a supporter of separate food.

Star not the vegetarian. Both meat, and fish, and eggs enters her diet. The main condition is not to mix them with carbohydrates. Also she advises there are vegetables which list such huge that and you will not list all, but the celery, mushrooms, olives, ginger, salad, cucumbers, etc. precisely enter it.
I dare to assume, as the list of fruit is so various.

From drinks the actress prefers simple and mineral water and herbal teas, naturally, not sweet.

Try, than badly and in 40 years to look as the 20-year-old student?