Who is not wanted by the men

Who is not wanted by the men

Often women, buying magazines, want to see councils what to be and how to behave to submit all men. However there are no recommendations which will work anyway and will help to get to fall in love any. And still some relationships of cause and effect are classical.

The sponsor of placement P&G Articles on the subject "Who Is Not Wanted by the Men" How to replace a surname after a marriage How to disconnect Windows firewall How to celebrate birthday in the summer After the first acquaintance, even at the beginning of the relations the man is intrigued by you. But often happens that through some time interest dies away. Therefore, he needs to be supported. It does not mean that it is necessary to go and try to please all out in everything. It means that you need to develop, have the affairs, interests all the time, to be internally independent.

Many girls make such mistake that they quickly focus all the thoughts on the new young man, trying to be pleasant in every possible way to him, refusing all the affairs on his first call. As a result it becomes boring for the man, he understands that it is more with you it to aspire there is nothing and it is not necessary to win you any more. He knows that he can neglect, not pay you to you attention and as soon as he calls you on a meeting, you will come.

Thus it is not necessary and to become rigid or haughty. Be cheerful, you can be externally soft, but thus in you the core has to be felt. The man has to realize that you know the own worth.

Men like women to whom other men pay attention. It is good if you do not stay at home all the time, and you have the business or work and other hobbies where you have an opportunity to communicate with young people.

As far as possible pay attention to the appearance. Support a figure, adjust food, pick up to yourself for taste the program of physical exercises. First, it will allow you to look good, and for the man very important that the woman was pleasant to him externally. Secondly, the healthy person has much more energy and forces, is positive and capable to attract to himself people. Eventually, you do it first of all for yourself.

If you count on development of the relations, it is usually best of all not to enter at once intimate communication as continuations can not follow. However it not the tough rule, is also many cases when hardly familiar people married nearly next day. The main thing - do everything in pleasure and keep internal independence. The man should not have desire to run away from you because you constructed to yourself grandiose plans for it.

If you need any help, ask the man about it, and then thank, show the pleasure. It will be proud that could help you. But do not hang up on it all the minor problems, do not become a burden. Let him know that you and without him will easily live.

Remember that with two different women the same man can behave absolutely differently. And often it depends on the woman. Though happen also the man whom obviously it does not make sense to meet.