Whether all plants grow from seeds?

Whether all plants grow from seeds?
Plants breed in many ways, and often it occurs without seeds. Such monocelled plants as seaweed, have an asexual reproduction, that is man's and female cages are not necessary for creation of new life.

Even in difficult vegetable life there is such way of reproduction when just the same, but new plant is created. From a trunk of a plant parent or from its roots, new plants often grow. They receive food and water through escapes until at them own root system does not develop and leaves will not grow. Very much often such way of reproduction is used by strawberry.
Such bulbous plants as tulips, breed too in this way. Often new bulbs at the edges of a plant parent bulb grow. By means of shanks (part of a stalk, leaves or a root), it is also possible to grow up new plants.

Sexual reproduction, is the most widespread way at which as a result of connection of a female and man's cage there is a new plant. The blossoming and coniferous trees do it by means of seeds, and such plant as a fern – with the help dispute. Genes of both parents are inherited at sexual reproduction, but such plant in accuracy will not repeat one or other parent.

Changes, as a result of a combination of genes which occur at the descendant, do well to him only as new – congenital properties will help a new plant to adapt to changeable surrounding conditions.