How to issue a table for a party?

How to issue a table for a party?
Cloth Will throw out on a garbage can a cloth which got to you from parents (of course provided that it is the thing which is not embroidered manually). Lay a table a narrow strip of monophonic fabric exactly in the middle. Your table will look simplest and modern.

Candles One or two candles in usual candlesticks look standardly and boringly. Collect all candles which you have in the house, and place them on a table picturesque groups.

Invitations Make a party invitations with own hand, having printed them on good design paper. It is possible to arrive more originally and to write invitations, the handle with metal outflow, on maple leaves.

Ware Get in shop some sets of ware in peas, a strip and a cage and create original composition on a table. Andy Warhol will envy you.

Flowers Create so-called effect of "the Alpine hill" on a table. For this purpose combine some bouquets different in height and the invoice.

Vases with Vase fruit with fruit look on a table very picturesquely. Decorate a table in the spring — apples and lemons, in the summer — a scattering of garden berries, in the fall — pears and peaches, and in the winter with a persimmon — pomegranates and tangerines.